Saturday, November 1, 2008

Doing the good thing

I arrived at LAX early morning Wednesday for a shoot up in Joshua Tree. I took the shuttle bus across to the Hertz. Signed in. Got my stuff. Used the restroom. Grabbed some water. Found the car. Headed out to Pomona to meet someone. I pulled into the parking lot in Pomona and headed into a Starbucks for coffee. I went to the restroom there too to wash my hands. That's when I noticed something missing. My Navajo thumbring.

It wasn't an expensive ring but it meant a lot to me. I got it out in the deserts of northern Arizona on our summer road trip last year. I take it off when I wash my hands. I guess having been up since 4am I wasn't too crisp - I'd forgotten to put it back on.

I called the LAX Hertz office, pressed '5' for lost and found and got an answering service. I held little hope as I explained my predicament to the machine. Julie arrived with the package I was taking up to the shoot. I got back in the car and headed out.

Within 5 mins the phone rang. It was Pam at Hertz. She'd sent a guy into the restroom and they'd found my ring. The next morning I went into Hertz to drop the car off at 5am and a guy called Berry helped me out. He'd actually been the guy who'd found it.

To people like Pam and Berry I tip my hat. You do your company proud. Many thanks for your prompt action.

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Cathy said...

Isn't it always the things that we spend the least on that mean the most to us. I am amazed that they were able to find it for you. You are one lucky bloke!